Supplemental benefits that meet your needs.

Tired of the unexpected draining your wallet? Meet JC Kansas City, your financial safety net. Even with insurance, there are always gaps - and that's where we come in. Discover how JC KC steps in to cover expenses your health insurance doesn't.

Jonathan Cook
JC Kansas City Agency Jonathan Cook Benefits Advisor

For Businesses

Supplemental benefits for organizations and their employees.

For Individuals

Discover benefits that help you and your family stay protected through hard times.

What are supplemental benefits?

Supplemental benefits, in essence, are the superhero reinforcements of your financial strategy. They swoop in when the typical coverage from your primary insurance isn’t quite enough. Despite the best-laid plans and comprehensive insurance policies, the reality is that there are often gaps in coverage that leave you vulnerable to unexpected costs.

Why would I need supplemental cash?

Life can be a rollercoaster, and unexpected costs are part of the ride. Your health insurance may not cover all the twists and turns, leaving you with out-of-pocket expenses that can swiftly add up. That's where supplemental cash steps in, providing additional funds to handle these unforeseen costs. With JC Kansas City's supplemental cash benefits, you can navigate life's financial highs and lows with added peace of mind.

What do we do at JC KC Agency?

At JC Kansas City, we're in the business of financial resilience. We understand that 'fully insured' doesn't always mean 'fully covered', and that's why we provide supplemental cash benefits to fill those gaps. Our services are designed to help you manage the unpredictable, the unexpected, the 'didn't see that coming' moments of life. At JC KC, we stand with you, ready to cushion the financial impact of life's surprises, turning potential setbacks into setups for a comeback.